About Us


Meet Amber Nicole Perez

National Spa Events was founded by licensed nail technician and certified master pedicurist Amber Nicole Perez; who has more than a decade of experience producing large and small scale spa and beauty events and leads a team of thousands across the U.S.

With her eye for detail, guiding artistic vision, calm demeanor, tenacity and grace – her business has continued to achieve tremendous growth.

National Spa Events was created to break free of the typical superficiality associated with most beauty and spa services by creating one-of-a-kind group experiences that truly reach deep to re-connect people with themselves and with each other.

Amber entered the mobile spa industry as a young mother with a passion for creative marketing solutions, connecting and uplifting people and creating a vehicle for talented and artistic rock-stars to do what they love, all the while, getting paid what they are worth. With a strong passion for the arts and wellness, she saw too many amazingly-talented artists being forced back into working 9-5 cubicle jobs to make ends meet.

Amber has an authentic desire to provide corporations with the ability to break through the often sterile, brick walls of the corporate world and connect with their people and their audience on a much deeper, personal level.

Providing you with top-notch beauty & spa professionals for your next event.
Serving most major U.S. cities.

All of our staff are insured professionals. POI is available upon request.


Licensed/certified in their respective fields.

Seasoned & Vetted

Our teams consist of highly trained & seasoned professionals - many whom have experience working with high profile clientele, celebrities in film/television and athletes and have the highest regard for customer satisfaction and privacy.